Our Technology

Rapid Multiplexed Proteomics

Simply put, the ProteoWise Hyperblot instrument enables you to insert your samples, select which antibodies you wish to use (no restriction on the number of analytes), press “start”, and come back to quantified multiplex proteomic data for all samples. It’s the biotech instrument you dream about after spending a week (or month) plodding through western blots to accomplish your science.

The key to our tech is a nanoscale material called 3-Dimensional Nanoscale Protein Capture or 3D-NPC. By binding proteins covalently in a rigid nanoporous structure, 3D-NPC can be rapidly and repeatedly addressed with antibody probes. This solves all the problems of western blot while providing molecular weight, concentration, and identity information researchers need. Because the instrument automatically cycles any number of primary antibodies successively through your blot on 3D-NPC, your ability to extract multiplexed proteomic data from a single experiment is essentially unlimited.

ProteoWise’s technology provides a unique combination of high-information content, high throughput, and low cost – all while simplifying immunoprobing dramatically. This combination is what’s driving the genomic revolution and is needed for proteomics.

Hyperblot works with any antibody that works in a standard western blot. And there is no limit to the number of antibodies you can use in a given experiment. In practice, this enables you to flexibly interrogate your experimental samples for proteomic content, unleashing sophisticated hypothesis investigation.

Every probing cycle takes only 15 minutes, and each cycle happens automatically in the Hyperblot instrument. This means you can take a detailed look at 50 or more proteins of choice in your experimental system of interest overnight. No other technology enables such flexible, rapid, focused, automated proteomic sample analysis.

Your science will thank you™.

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