Introducing Hyperblot

Breaking the barriers to multiplexed protein analysis

About Our Mission

Bringing Low-Cost, High-Throughput Proteomics to Your Bench

ProteoWise is founded by a seasoned team of scientists from Yale University.

We asked, “What will deliver the next wave in biotech?” High-throughput sequencing of DNA brought about the genomic revolution. But there has been no similar advancement in proteomic technology, even though there’s more valuable information locked up in the world of proteins.


Our Innovative Technology

Simply put, the ProteoWise Hyperblot instrument enables you to insert your samples, select which analytes you wish to measure (no restriction on the number of antibodies), press “start”, and come back to quantified multiplex proteomic data for all samples. It’s the tech you dream about after spending a week (or month) plodding through western blots to accomplish your science.

Protein analysis is condensed into a few simple, infallible steps. Hyperblot takes you from sample to quantified multiplexed proteomic data quickly, easily, and reliably.

The flagship Hyperblot instrument is your portal to benchtop multiplexed proteomics. Employing ProteoWise 3D-NPC technology, Hyperblot extracts unlimited data from your proteomic samples. One separation, one transfer, one membrane, one microliter of sample, and endless depth of understanding.

ProteoWise is partnered with premier antibody suppliers to make it easy to explore your pathways of interest. Panels of single-use antibody vials targeting functionally meaningful signaling pathways are available for use with the Hyperblot instrument. Simply snap in as many antibodies as relate to your system, press “start,” and come back to completed western-style data for every step of your proteomic hypothesis. Neuro, cancer, immuno, you name it.