About Us Bringing Low-Cost High-Throughput Proteomics to Your Bench

ProteoWise is founded by a seasoned team of scientists from Yale University.

We asked, “What will deliver the next wave in biotech?” High-throughput sequencing of DNA brought about the genomic revolution. But there has been no similar advancement in proteomic technology, even though there’s more valuable information locked up in the world of proteins.

The gold standard for protein analysis remains 40-year-old “western blot” tech. It’s slow, cumbersome, expensive, and only analyzes one or two proteins per sample. Every biology lab in the world uses it, and everyone hates it.

We hate it, too. That’s why we invented a proteomic technology that’s 20x faster, 20x smaller, 5x cheaper, and gives 100x more data per sample. It will enable your lab to finally move beyond western blot and into easy, high-throughput benchtop proteomics.